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These are the written expressions of the things that we face from day to day. These are the sentiments of someone who has a conservative and traditional take on all of these things.


Thoughts on life and interviews of those I know and encounter on the way. Sometimes there are things that come out strongly and honestly as we converse in the first person. Do you have an Uncle Bill that sometimes joins you at the Thanksgiving table?

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Glad to be past the wild world of my youth and that video was not a part of it, but willing to share some adventures caught on video that happen from time to time.


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That Burning Question

The #1 Question On My MindThis post innocently floated past as I mindlessly scrolled through social media today. It caught my eye. For most Canadians, it represents a lot. Everyone in the country would more than likely not even give this picture a second thought if it...

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“You are free in our time to say that God does not exist; you are free to say that he exists and is evil; you are free to say like Renan that he would like to exist if He could. You may talk of God as a metaphor or a mystification. You may water Him down with gallons of long words, or boil Him to the rags of metaphysics. And it is not merely that nobody punishes, but nobody protest. But if you speak of God as a fact, as a thing like a tiger, as a reason for changing one’s conduct, then the modern world will stop you somehow if it can. We are long past talking about whether an unbeliever should be punished for being irreverent. It is now thought irreverent to be a believer .”
G.K. Chesterton