This campfire was interesting! When asked about the mind blowing changes we see in our society and how things may be getting out of hand we were challenged by Tzofi’s Muse with the following response when she was asked about dealing with truth, and especially decision making for yourself, your family, or your support network in this time of upheaval. Her words are powerful, thoughtful, concise and worth working through before you go any further. This campfire conversation was RED HOT! Before you make your next set of decisions, give these 10 things some serious thought. Tzofi’s Muse is deep and wise. This is definitely campfire talk that is worthy.

By Tzofi’s Muse  

Seriously!  How does one determine truth, in a world so full of noise?  How does one make wise decisions when overrun by a tsunami of information and choices?

Well, it’s complicated.  My dad used to say there are three sides to every story: what is presented by Person A and Person B, and then the truth, which lies somewhere between at “C”.  But I think it’s even more complex than that. Big decisions, life choices, deserve more consideration than most people give them…and it’s why everyone is familiar with phrases such as “if only I knew then what I know now…” “hindsight is 20/20”…or “I’m living with regrets.”

If making a choice that has potentially long-term consequences for you, or your family, it’s worth making a chart and going through each of the following considerations:

  1. What principles guide this decision?  Is it morally good?  Pure?  Wise?  Honorable?
  1. What are ALL the facts – on both sides of the argument? Ask more questions than you think necessary.  Make sure you are weighing facts presented by both sides…not what one side says about the other. 
  1. Is there any pressure of time, any deadline, requiring me to make this decision?  Because if there is, and you are hesitant, you should run far, far away.
  1. Honestly list the motives that would cause you to choose one decision or the other.  Be aware if money, fear, fame, personal pleasures are influencing this decision, who might profit from this decision (yup, follow the money), and then go back to see if this alters the weight of your fact-gathering in #2.
  1. History.  Life lessons.  What does history (personal or general) teach us about this subject – from careful analysis of both sides of the issue?
  1. Avoid bandwagons, as they tend to be fickle with endorsing trends.  Seek wise counsel from people who have nothing to gain from your choice, but who truly seek your good.
  1. Have you considered any warning signs?  Do others who have made this decision for – or against – warn you against making this decision?
  1. Go long term, and consider the possible long term outcomes of making a decision either way.
  1. Could this decision hurt your integrity?
  1. Are there other options out there, instead of this?

Avoid the knee-jerk reaction style of decision making; regrets are horrible bedfellows. 

Come back for more campfire talk that will make you think. I’m hoping that Tzofi’s Muse will join us again.