How do you measure success?

Today, after one month at home since my discharge, I was able to go to physiotherapy. Because I have been out of the loop for that long, I had to do a bunch of testing. Here are the results.

I gained 120% strength in my left hand grip, making it approximately 60% of what I have in my right hand. My pinch strength was zero in my left hand before I left. I am at 50% strength of what I can do with my right. HUGE gains! By no means perfect, and when you work at things but aren’t able to measure how much progress you’ve truly made, it’s nice to be able to be measured.

I hopped on one foot, alternating with both feet. And what even blew me away is I was asked to run down the hallway…AND I DID IT!!! It wasn’t pretty, but I did it! I can run! My leg tired out quickly but I ran down the hallway in 5 seconds.

So now I have new exercises and new goals. In a society that seems to be obsessed with measuring against each other, it is absolutely refreshing and invigorating to be in a place where being measured against myself gives me enthusiasm to just keep going and working. I don’t need to do what anyone else does any better than they do. I can just do the things I need to do.

So the next big phase, which will take the longest is building up strength in the parts that are working, and bringing to life the things that still aren’t awake. My hand is the hold out, without full function. But the rest of me is pretty awake already. The process of healing (I’ve been warned) will slow down now and my gains won’t be as noticeable. This phase will be the most difficult.

What do you need or want to do? Don’t worry about anybody else. Just do you.

P.S. I appreciate all of the encouraging words I continue to get. Thank you all!