Sometimes while travelling down life’s highway, there comes that blockage in the road that makes you take an alternate route. One that you weren’t expecting, but it will get you there none-the-less. I haven’t even posted anything about my detour lately because I have been distracted by the amazing help campaign started by a friend to give us some breathing room and take some immediate pressures off of our household. We’ve had to take this detour and we will definitely be longer getting to where we are going.

But this detour is also a deeper analogy. They call it “rewiring” of the brain after a stroke because some of those old pathways don’t work anymore. I literally have to work with my brain to find the pathways to do what was once automatic. It doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult, but it presents a pretty decent challenge. Whether its typing at a keyboard with 2 hands [which I’m doing right now], or running in the hallway in the hospital like I was told I could by my physiotherapy instructor [I still think I looked like I was auditioning for Planet Of The Apes], it takes so much focus and energy to do it. They call this “high function” activity. To do these things on an alternative route takes all my focus and energy. I’m so thankful I have found a way to teach my brain how to get around this blockage. How amazing we have been created! That our brains can be taught how to do things on alternative routes once the old way is blocked off by a landslide.

Thank God my brain was not injured in such a way that my desire to try and find alternative routes is gone. It is still very much there. Thank God I’m not battling deep depression because of this. I guess that’s common. Thank God for all of you, my safety net. Although I’ve fallen, you’ve helped me get up through many ways and acts of compassion. There are so many causes, and I can’t believe I’m one of them, and that there are some who have chosen to help.

I’ll continue to work at journaling this alternative route for those who are still interested. I’ll continue to do my part in the process, and I’ll continue to be thankful for all of you!