Just this morning I replied to an email I got a few days ago, CANCELLING my services due to my injury and lack of ability to jump to and get some work done immediately. There are consequences connected to my injury that aren’t just about healing.

I’m learning patience from more than one situation. Today I can be thankful for new range of motion in my arm as strength returns to that once dangling appendage. I also find myself reflecting on the sobering impact of life in a state of recovery. It will take time, and parts of my world don’t have any time to give, or those who are connected with the time I spend doing tasks for them seem less than gracious about the time it will take me to accomplish things for them right now.

How cavalier and “brave” it is to think “I don’t need them anyways!” Or that negative people like that shouldn’t be part of the positive journey towards health and healing that I’m on! Those momentary blasts of defiance in the face of the storm are shut down when I choke on the swells of water as the real demands of life crash against my little struggling life boat which is floating a little less confidently at the moment. Besides, there is no way that this life will ever be the utopia we wish it to be. That is only to be achieved when ALL is put to rights. I had best get used to handling things being less than ideal. And I’ve already experienced the kindness of friends and family who come alongside to assist.

If your tempted, don’t wish “karma” on my challenges. It’s been popularized to mean “what goes around comes around” which is not what it means at all. I want to help them, and everybody else to learn patience. I know it is my lesson right now, but I don’t have a choice. And I think it would be way more meaningful to learn patience as a choice, instead of being forced.

I’m alive, I don’t have to wear Depends, underwear and pants were an option for me today which I could accomplish myself, and I can still be clear in my thinking (no dissenters allowed). My feelings are a little out of whack (can’t control tears and laughter, it’s called lability and it comes often with strokes) but even that will straighten out over time. The sun shines on the just and the unjust, so I fit in there somewhere…and so do you.

Hopefully there is sunshine in your day. There is in mine.