2 thoughts on “The Wait What Truck Rants Intro”

  1. It is truly not healthy to keep things in. Although I am not a stroke survivor like you, the past couple of years have been really hard and I was in a very bad place 1 1/2 ago that required professional help. Part of that help was not keeping things in but finding ways to let it out. Mine is journalling. Glad you are finding a way to exercise the monsters in your head.

    1. I’m very glad you got help when you needed it. To continue down the road of letting your mental health affect you and doing nothing, or even very little is a dangerous game. I’ve chosen to go public with the whole thing because I have experienced so many others who struggle with the way our culture is shifting and yet feel that no one will listen to them regarding how they think and feel. Many are outright being told to shut up. Some to their face, if such interactions still exist in these weird Covid times. I’ve been going to work without any real breaks from my duties due to being considered a front line essential worker caring for vulnerable individuals. My colleagues and I are some of the most frustrated of the lot as we see the impact of the lockdowns and have to deal with those consequences. I’ll leave it at that, but repeat the statement that I’m glad you reached out and got help.

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