Thanksgiving day, eh? It doesn’t seem to fit into my life this year. At all!

What I mean is, intense thanksgiving started a few weeks ago. It’s been thanksgiving every moment of every day for awhile now. Thanksgiving for me this year is simply the day set aside to recognize that every day is a day to be thankful for everything.

Challenges probably rank lower on the acceptability chart because they are wearisome setbacks in our lives. But they are not that at all! To me anyways. Sure I get frustrated in pushing so hard to simply exist some days. But why is the point that you are alive lost? Always focus more on what you HAVE! Not on what you don’t have.

Today I have a day to enjoy family, and food, and sunshine, and beautiful fall weather (sorry to my prairie friends who are in the snow, but you have snowmen and skiing and snowmobiling and wonderland beauty to enjoy) and fresh garden vegetables and walking….I should go on, but won’t. Even if it’s different than what I thought I would have had, I get change! I can be thankful for change. I won’t stop being thankful. I can’t ever focus on what I’ve lost or don’t have, because I HAVE so much.

And you do too. Just look!

P.S. Today I am typing on my digital keyboard with both thumbs. A small step forward for me, but something I couldn’t do a few days ago. And I’m thankful!