Hittin’ the highway feels good! A man can only take so much indoor exercising.

It’s a gorgeous fall day and the need to get out came to a boiling point today. Over the past couple weeks my leg has built up strength and my walking feels so much stronger, so I got Sharon to come with me on a walk down the street. A colleague was working at a neighbors house in the garden and said she was going to come visit when she was done, so I decided we were going to go visit her instead.

I suppose it’s just another way of saying that this won’t beat me down, and I’m going to get back in the game soon. Plus, walking in the fresh fall air with the warm afternoon sun is a way to refresh the soul! It’s not even about going beyond the status quo… again, it’s about saying this is mine because I have this. It is possible. I haven’t lost this as a thing I can have it my life. And the experience is wondrous for me.

Can you find little things so mundane to most that you can make wonderful?

And Then


The day just keeps getting better all the way to the end. A man who gets “a shot across the bow” of life needs to push back and say I can still claim my place among the spectators of my son’s volleyball game. Go Huskies! Go Daniel! Go live life!!