Thanks to a great friend, this page was developed so that I could share a little more fully the story of my journey through stroke and recovery. I’ve gone back and written about the events before I┬ástarted posting on Facebook. I want to let those who have asked know about how it started. These parts are written from the perspective of looking back. The posts I wrote on Facebook have been filled out a little more, but left in the present tense as I wrote them then. I hope that these things help you relate to what was happening and what I was going through. This process has helped me work through all of this changed life I’m living right now. May it encourage you, help you to pause and think, and maybe even inspire you to something new or great. All I know is that I’m making the best of this. Hopefully you can too. The thread of my recovery will be under the heading of “Alternate Routes”. If you want to read in order, you have to go to the bottom of the list and read up, sorry. I am also very open to comments, so fill the comments section up. You can also sign up to get new posts as I write them.