There will be a little bit of pain, and then the numbness will set in. And over time, with a lot of hard work, the freezing comes out. Some parts of the day, my left side tingles like it has pins and needles. It’s hard to believe that the same muscles are still there because they just don’t function. Try as I might, I just can’t seem to will that they work. The power of the mind is amazing because it can dictate whether my muscles are tired or not. It used to feel like my muscles would tell my brain. It’s a two way street. The brain has a lot to say.

It’s hard to tell whether my brain is still swollen. When the swelling goes down, lots of the function is restored. That’s why the first 14 days are so important. And wonderful. At this stage, damaged tissue has to heal in order to get the function back. And that’s when the mind takes over. The brain has the basic function. The mind is the character of the person to rise to the challenge. The brain and the mind have to heal. Rest for one, inspiration for the other. Thank God the damage is less than it could have been. I found out that others speak of me as an inspirational story. I’m okay to inspire, but it’s more important that they know where my source of strength comes from.

Today I shed all walking assistance devices for therapy. I rode the stationary bike to strengthen my leg. It felt amazing to tear into some sweat making. It had some wildly positive effects on my speech too. I like that a lot. The journey down has definitely stopped. It’s the hard climb out and I have a clear path. I’m on my way. Thank you Father God.