This food is incentive enough to get out of here. This is supposed to be crustless quiche, mashed potatoes and minced peas. I don’t know what ethnic origins this meal has, but I’ve never heard of it. For the rest of my thoughts on this most trying day so far, stay tuned. I have to digest my, um… food.

Today was a mixed blessing for me. I finally got to see the physiotherapist to get assessed. They did their thing to a point. I only get a really limited amount of time with them, so they will only be able to help me in pablum like doses. I’m ready to go!!

What’s more is that she wasn’t able to even get done the basic tests because people were lined up and waiting for their attention. So I got cut off. I was working and willing to work and I was told that I was tired, even though I wasn’t ready to quit. I think it was their way of getting rid of me so that they could fit in all the others.

Now before I get a barrage of people trying to help me frame this and try to understand their point of view, I know what I saw and experienced. It’s not like I’m having feelings of ill will towards them either. I just honestly believe that their goals for me are far lower than my goals for myself. That’s the mixed part of this…I got a little help, but it was restricted in time and expectations. So…

Thank God for my most excellent wife Sharon, who comes and visits, but also works with me on the little I have picked up from my paid helpers. We walked down the hallways tonight, practicing the techniques I was given today. If it is only to have the folks here see that I can be safe, so be it. I have had to slow down to worse than a snail with all of this. It definitely feels as though they need me to succeed slower than what I’m comfortable with. This seems to be a lesson in being held back. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

In the meantime, I find amusement in the public showers here that look like a converted slaughterhouse(pictures to come) and how slow time seems here with nothing to do. If I didn’t find amusement in things like that, I’d go stark raving mad!!!

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate all of your personal messages too, but find it difficult to keep up with responses. So even though i get your personal messages, I may not respond to each message. But I promise I’ll keep you as informed as I can through Facebook.

Goodnight, and lots of love to you all.

Evening, September 19th
I may be mistaken, but this reminds me of a slaughterhouse. I only get one shower a week here but after seeing the shower here, that one may be my last.