SHAME on you Hillary supporters!! Hopefully the opening line caught your attention but didn’t turn you off and you read on.

The “progressive, liberal, open minded, forward thinking” folk are all posting woeful posts about America electing a misogynistic, bigoted, homophobic, islamophobic tyrant as president. You’ve forgotten a really important point. A vote is always people telling you what’s on their mind. But no one seems to be trying to figure out if there’s a message behind what was being said.

I recently spent a bunch of time in rehab with a bunch of other stroke victims, many of whom had less than perfect ways of communicating. They were left with words that on their own were jumbled, or skewed, or yes, sometimes downright rude or shocking. I watched nurses with their own agenda hearing what was being said but not even trying to hear what the patient was trying to say. I had nothing but time, so I used to look for ways to understand what was actually being said. The message was always there if I spent the time digging.

I see a population pushed to the point of utter frustration so they used the only message they could (as imperfect as it may have been) to send a message. Now it is up to the so called “open minded, progressive” thinkers to try to figure out what was being said, not simply put off this message as the out workings of mindless flawed fools!

I’d be so disappointed if none of the Hillary supporters read this and responded. Otherwise it’s a message that falls on ears connected to voices that would have chimed in with this message.

P.S. I’ve heard circle flies are never wrong.

Later That Day

It’s official! I did the testing and was given the all clear to drive once again. I even got the chance to help the doctor remember which foot you need to use the accelerator. Thankfully it was only momentary confusion.