After all the poking and prodding, all the tests and check ups ever devised by the medical profession, they haven’t been able to find anything wrong with me. I’m as healthy as a 52 year old man can be. So that means that I have no excuse to act like a decrepit old man!

At my check up today, the doctor even brought up the topic of giving me clearance to drive. That would be a nice surprise after the way things have been going. But apparently he wants to make sure it’s okay to do that; give my driving privileges back that is. It’s too much for me to wish for right now.

It will still be the same old fight getting back the use of my hand and arm as though this never happened. And that will be a fight, but I know at this point I’m able to beat this. The fight is really the amount of time and effort it will take for that to happen. Pushing myself in this case is more like pacing myself. Going full tilt and being brought to a stop like this is the big adjustment. I’ll wrap my head around it sometime soon.

Thank you for your prayers for healing, and the peace of mind to endure this slow climb.

I am trying my hand at 2 hands on the keyboard at one time, typing as I used to once upon a time. I’ve discovered that although it takes me extra time, as all things do these days, I am able to use my left hand quite a bit. My fingers are thawing from their inability to move. This is good news! I am a far cry from the 60 plus words per minute I used to type, but that I can type at all is a miracle.