Night terrors. I stay awake at night because of someone else’s night terrors. It has become more and more clear that my roommate is confused as to how to tell others what he needs and wants. He was put to bed wrong somehow, and can’t seem to sleep in his position or something. He keeps asking the attendants to do things that are impossible by increasing his volume yelling help because they no longer respond to his bell. When he asked for a position change in bed, they gave him one that should have approximated a comfortable position, but something else was really what he wanted and he kept ringing the bell.

As he continued to whimper help, it became more forlorn. His stroke caused him to repeat words. And in his anguish, and frustration with no one coming when he pushed the buzzer, “HELP!” became a chain of wimpy “help, help, help, help, help” spoken quickly together as if a child was sobbing over in the corner. Finally after what seemed to be an hour, a male nurse came in with a thick accent and scolded him for causing so much trouble. What he was asking for was ignored for the most part as the nurse with the accent was joined by another male nurse who seemed to have less patience than the first one. They spoke to each other and talked about what to do as my roommate continued to try and communicate his need, but for the most part was ignored.

Then¬†they moved him to another room where he could “sleep better”.it just increased his agitation. I don’t think he will sleep anymore tonight. Now that he’s gone and his yelling for help doesn’t keep me awake, I’m not sure I’ll sleep well either. I’ve empathized with his terrors too much. What if that was me¬†calling out for help? It almost seems worse when your cries for help are completely misunderstood. Calling out to no one sadly makes more sense. I pray he finds his way. I pray I find some sleep.