What a kick in the pants! I got my first look today at some of the real work it’s gonna take to go from my present level of recovery to getting the high level functions back.

It has been hard work to get this far, but it looks like this next level stuff will be my Mt. Everest for the time being. My eyes were opened wide this morning as the physiotherapist knew exactly which exercises to ask me to get into to let me know how big the mountain is.

I have this thing about taking on things that are huge without knowing their size right up front. I just do what it takes to make it happen and make the plan to tackle it along the way. As long as knowing the size of this challenge isn’t going to be a problem for me. It will give me even more reason to be thankful of how solid my anchor is. My hope is built on nothing less… that teaser line should take some of you back to think about solid anchor points.

My standing long jump is much less than what it was in high school, and I wasn’t the greatest athlete back in those days. Just not my thing. But I was standing on a half ball for quite a while today. That’s a way to reveal the weaknesses, boy!

To close, I’m anchored in, I’m determined, and although my patience will be tested, I’m sure I can do this thing! Thank you all for your support.