The doc came by today and told me that I may be one of the most motivated patients she has ever seen. All I have to say to that is, “NO SHIT SHERLOCK!” Pardon me for the colourful description but who wouldn’t want to make things better if they have a choice? I guess I know that it is all up to the individual mind involved.

All day locked in the same room, being told to rest and then having people coming through all hours of the day and night, the constant drone of a recirc system, a roommate that has hacking fits (I know she can’t help it), etc. What’s more is being told to work on getting better but not allowed to move without help that doesn’t come right away (not their fault either), or being given a walker and then not allowed to use it because they think I am too unstable and they freak out. Now before you tell me I need to understand them, I DO!! But this is after I have spent a number of days doing lots of stuff for myself up until I got admitted. So there you have it.

This morning, I took matters into my own hands and did “exercises” in bed and found if I concentrated hard enough, I can grip with my left hand, and I can move my left foot and leg much more than I thought. Apparently if I keep working those things a lot, I will rebuild those neural pathways back really quick. They like that I am showing this much improvement since I got here.

For those of you who aren’t bored and just skim read my posts, or any other of your posts, thank you for keeping me in you prayers. And for the love and light from those who don’t believe in prayer. I love you all!

I told the medical staff here that they have a week to teach me what I need to do because I have no intention of hanging around here and moping. Let’s see if God honours my willingness to take help and instruction by providing speedy recovery. In any case, this is my path, so I walk it rocks and all.

Later the same day

They’re shipping me to rehab and I’m say’n’ “YES, YES, YES!!!,!”

The new part of Kelowna General is the Hilton! The room I was in overlooked downtown Kelowna with Dilworth Mountain in the background. Bright, clean rooms and clear hallways with less stuff in them. And no one sleeping in the hallways. Now rehab, it is very much like descending into the pit! The staff in rehab are no less friendly or skilled, but it is a much darker, dirtier looking place, with so much stuff in the hallways. Bins of dirty clothes and coves containing weigh scales and countless banks of drawers with hospital clothing. Weird conversations are able to be overheard as you pass each room. Sometimes frustration or self pity can’t contain itself in privacy, if there is such a thing in a place like this. Although the view out the window of my room was a parkade, at least the HVAC system wasn’t loud enough to wake the dead.