The #1 Question On My Mind

This post innocently floated past as I mindlessly scrolled through social media today. It caught my eye. For most Canadians, it represents a lot. Everyone in the country would more than likely not even give this picture a second thought if it wouldn’t be for the words that someone has attached to a picture that would otherwise generate little attention. Words give the photo context so we know what we are looking at. But it also gives an opinion about what else every Canadian has just experienced.

There is no doubt in my mind that what is happening in the Ukraine is shocking and horrifying as it plays out not just for the citizens of that country, but for the rest of the world as we teeter on the brink of massive geopolitical instability. This war opens up new issues and scars with some of the same players as we’ve seen in past battles. Posturing and sabre rattling in a cold war has now become a live theater. It is heartbreaking to know that even though we have a false sense of progress, we end up in the same places we thought we had moved on from. How is it possible that freedoms can be so terribly fragile? What accounts for the tragedy of repeating history over and over again? But still, this isn’t the question that troubles me so as of late.

The question that comes to mind when I see the tragedy of citizens fleeing for their lives in a convoy of fear and desparation is where does the convoy start? Obviously every situation is different and there seem to be so many factors involved in these complex matters, but I am not sure when and where and how it all starts. How do you know when the time to begin the pushback should be? Are there things that are signposts telling you that this road leads to a convoy of fear and desparation, or is it just all a matter of happenchance? Maybe it’s just a fools hope, but I have to believe that there are signs along the way. Circumstances and sages must cry out the warnings of the coming of worse days.

There are times that I hope it’s not just me, but after what I’ve just witnessed in my own country of Canada, I really hope that the picture of the convoy in Ukraine that we see in the picture above is not a convoy on a road that started at a bouncy castle. I am sure that we need to have a hard conversation about what makes freedom so fragile, and what we are able to do to make sure it is highly valued and better understood. Until next time, God keep our land, glorious and free.

Written by Darcy Harsch

Husband, father of 5, with a little bit of life experience, typing thoughts out loud.



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