You haven’t lost me yet. While I’ve been silent, I had many good things happen! I got to take a weekend pass and spend it at home with family and friends and the healing was quicker and more satisfying. Sharon and I were given the gift of help to be able to clean up the mess I left when I was abruptly taken from regular life to get assistance at the hospital. It always amazes me that anyone can show me compassion and care. Who am I to deserve any of it?

You never really know what sleep is until you don’t get it in your own bed. These days sleep is far more valuable than it used to be. I love it more now unfortunately. And Sharon tells me that I slept so serenely in our bed that she actually put her hand in front of my nostrils to see if I was still breathing. There wasn’t even so much as the sound of breathing and it scared her. I remember her doing that with our children if they were sleeping through the night because she needed to know that they were still alive and that all was well.

But the best news of all is that I am recovered enough that they are discharging me today. My score with readiness to function in the community was almost perfect. My progress is daily, even though the initial bounce back period is over. The swelling in my brain is down now and what I lost is left to work on. Yesterday I navigated a complicated walking environment at a job site to have a meeting with my client on the next big project. It tired me out, but I didn’t expect to come out of the meeting completely unscathed.

I’ve had clients that have dropped me because I am unable to jump to their demands in a timely fashion. That has given me considerable food for thought. My God, the one whom I have faith in is bigger than all this. I’m sure I can learn if I listen closely enough. It makes me sad for all those with diversified capacity that get passed by because of societies perception. At least I can be amused by people who raise their voice to me because they think I’ve gone deaf or stupid. My good wife knows that my hearing has always been selective.

There is still a long hard road of recovery for me, but with personal determination and your continued prayers this will happen very well. I will continue to post about my journey. It seems to be of interest to many of you and an inspiration at times. So I carry on.