The day started out like any other, except for the fact that today we were going to find out more about my condition, and what I needed to do to recover. That’s what we thought anyways.

We drove down to the clinic across from the Kelowna General Hospital. I wasn’t walking very well, so Sharon dropped me off by the entrance door and went to park. There was no more humor in me. I was doing my best just to drag along at whatever pace I could muster. It was a nice fall day, and as I sat waiting for Sharon to join me and go in, I can’t say I remember feeling anything special about anything anymore. I remember it being difficult to find a comfortable position on my seat. The car was parked and Sharon joined me. The greatest comfort I had was with Sharon by my side. But that was the only comfort at that point.

The elevator took us to the 2nd floor. The doors opened and in front of me was a great hallway, which seemed to stretch as I looked for the nearest door which could be the office of the doctor I was there to see. However, it seemed that I had to walk to the very end. Or so it seemed.

The receptionist was not at the very end as it turned out.